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Hospitality Photography

As part of an environment, every property tells a story, to convey its essence, atmosphere and light play key roles in the shooting. Architecture photography must be documented in all climates and at all times of the day…

Our new reality has given us the possibility of travel while still on a working schedule… or even better… adopting a digital nomads lifestyle, becoming remote workers, therefore, booking accommodations in a luxury villa immersed in nature, is a dream come true…

Escaping from everyday routine, whether it is for vacations, or just a weekend… so sleeping in comfy linen, getting your breakfast in bed, a day at the spa, and then… enjoying a delightful appetizer by the beach… hospitality is all about sensations… hence, sometimes you travel for work… so these amenities become demands.

The aesthetic has to be fresh, luminous, preferably high key.

Let the morning light energize your day…

These images are properties photographed for Cayuga Collection Luxury Sustainable Hotels and real estate companies like Tropical Investments, among other clients like developers, architects, and interior designers.