Portrait Photography

Every photo-shoot is a sequence of genuine expressions

Every photo-shoot is a sequence of genuine expressions; we can start with some posed portraits to warm up… the spontaneous “in between” frames are usually the best clicks. The portrait experience will not only capture your memories but the session itself will transform them in the most enjoyable moments.

Most of the time, you can tell I have a preference for the purist choice, the 50mm, for obvious reasons: makes me get closer and, of course, the natural light: perfect for achieving a soft mood on families and babies.

When it comes to athletes, sessions require a dramatic light and body expression, so we need to strive for intensity. A martial artist wrestler that is a passionate painter… is both mystic and fierce, as the dynamic and
elegant flight of a fencer…

About “A siren story”.

I had the honor of photographing Viviana’s mystical pregnancy, she and her husband Rodolfo, are scuba divers, ocean lovers… they are connecting little Montse to the sea since she was in the womb… now this baby mermaid is getting ready to admire the majestic blue… this is just the beginning…

There’s always a complex character, everyone has a story to tell…